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Your request for our appraisal service, and our subsequent acceptance, constitute an agreement by both parties to the following:
  1. A written appraisal using the standard requested form format for the purpose of estimating Market Value.

  2. One original report with original photographs & signatures complete with data, assumptions, definitions, calculations and opinions in support of the final value conclusion. (delivered by e-mail in PDF format)

  3. Each accepted appraisal assignment assumes that the lender/client has read, understands, and agrees to the Statement of Limiting Conditions and Appraiser's Certification (attached to each report on FNMA Form 1004B); and to the standard definition of market value (also on form 1004B).

CalAppraisal.com shall make every effort to complete the assignment within a reasonable and competitive time frame. However, if a specific time frame is needed please advise us of that at the time the appraisal assignment is placed. If the time frame you request is not practical or feasible for us, we will advise you of that prior to accepting the assignment.

We take pride in providing a high quality of service however unforeseen delays may occur that are beyond the control of the appraiser. They may include: incomplete information provided at the time of assignment, slow responses by contacts for verification of market data, severe weather conditions, or missed appointments by the person with whom the inspection appointment was set. CalAppraisal.com will communicate any such delays to the client promptly.


CalAppraisal.com generally has a policy of Payment Due in Advance of the property inspection or Payment Due at the Time of the Inspection. For due in advance terms we do accept cash, personal check, company checks, certified checks, or money orders.


We do provide credit terms for Established Lender Accounts with the following credit terms: Due Upon Receipt of Report with maximum grace period of 30 days. To apply for our credit terms please fill out our Lender Information & Payment Guarantee Form.

If there are specific instructions you would like us to follow that are not included in our standard services then please add that information to your appraisal request (additional fees may apply).

Thank you for choosing CalAppraisal.com.

Tel:  (408) 725-8848

Fax: (408) 519-6555